Two more people are arrested for helping out an escaped inmate. Two weeks ago, KPEL reported that police were on the lookout for Marcus Dupuis, who walked away from his work release facility. Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office says investigators met with Dupuis' mother and girlfriend about his escape. A little over a week later, Capt. Judice says the girlfriend Mollie Louise Smith went with Dupuis to a party and did not tell police about it. After that, Judice says the mother Andree Schelde gave her son female clothing, makeup and money so he could disguise himself and get to where he wanted to go.  Yesterday, Mason Langlois and William Berchtold, both 19-years-old, were arrested for helping Dupuis after his escape. All 4 accused accomplices are from Lafayette. Police believe Dupuis is no longer in the state and are working with other agencies to track him down.

(Photo of William Berchtold courtesy of Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office)
(Photo of Mason Langlois courtesy of Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office)