In this edition of Not Necessarily The News, Tootie Landry talks about the things she won't miss as summer is officially coming to an end.

"Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! With only 1 week left in the summer, it’s time to put away the grill and wieners and pull out the gumbo pot! I’m so glad the summertime is almost over, and there are things I’m not going to miss!

                I sure won’t miss wearing white shoes! Although, I don’t like anyone telling me I can’t wear them after Labor Day!

                Lucky me! Now I don’t have to listen to those mosquito trucks anymore! Plus it leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

                I won’t feel guilty about going to bed at 8 o’clock… Hey! It’s dark outside!

                I definitely won’t miss seeing the bikini bodies at the beach or getting sand in very odd places!

                Looking for a shady spot while parking my car will be a thing of the past!

                And bad hair days will be few and far between!

                And finally… the #1 thing I am not going to miss since the summer is over… reruns on TV!

                I’ve seen so many Two and a Half Men episodes; I think I could even be Charlie Harper’s replacement!

                And I’m Tootie Landry, and this is “Not Necessarily the News!”