Army Corps Of Engineers

Update On Flooding Across The State
The Army Corps of Engineers says 16 of 125 bays are now open on the Morganza spillway upriver from Baton Rouge, sending water from the Mississippi River into the Atchafalaya River at a rate of 108,000 cubic feet per second.
Flooding Preparation Continues According To Senator
State Senator Freddie Mills of St. Martin parish says his parish continues to ready itself as flood waters from the opening of the Morganza spillway will likely mean that lower lying areas of the parish could experience flooding.  Mills says he wants citizens to remain informed.
Mississippi Flooding Preparations For Louisiana
The flooding on the Mississippi River will mean problems for Louisiana, but just how many issues remains to be seen.  Governor Bobby Jindal has asked for National Guard support, sandbagging is going on feverishly and the Army Corps Of Engineers is monitoring everything.
Landry Renews Call On Corps To Remove Barge
NEW IBERIA, LA – Two weeks after he received a commitment from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Chief Engineer, Lt. Gen. Van Antwerp, to look into removing a sunken barge in the Charenton Canal – Congressman Jeff Landry (Republican, LA-03) renewed his call on the Corps to remove the …
Corps To Strengthen New Orleans Floodwalls
The corps wants to make the floodwalls stronger by driving new sheetpile and adding embankment at the crown of the levees along the canals. The work will be done on the 17th Street and London Avenue canals and the corps says the work will make the floodwalls more stable and cut down on the risk of s…