Word from NBC News indicates that as of right now, Congressman Todd Akin is not stepping aside in the Missouri Senate race.  This is in spite of indications that his presence in the race is not wanted for a variety of reasons.  That includes a recent poll that shows Missouri being now in the toss-up category in terms of the Presidential campaign.  Akin himself is down 10 points to Claire McCaskill in his own race, which seems to point to the same conclusion that all of us have, except for Akin himself.  He needs to get out and get out right now.

As many have been saying all along, his presence only gives a weapon to those on the other side of the aisle.  This has been used to club Mitt Romney over the head, in spite of the fact that Mr. Romney himself has called on Congressman Akin to drop out of the race.  He has been hit with the extremist tag, in spite of the fact that his views on the topic differ from Congressman Akin's viewpoint.

To see Missouri tighten is not an indicator of things changing in the Presidential race because they really haven't to this point.  The thing that is different is what has happened in that race since the last time a statewide poll was taken.

In addition, the seat in the Senate is important to the GOP cause for one large reason...Obamacare.  Republicans will want to repeal it and can't do it without control of the Senate.  One seat could make the difference and that one could be Missouri.  You would hate to see that lost simply because one man decided that a personal crusade was more important than moving the ideas of conservatism forward.

It is time for Congressman Akin to do the right thing and step aside.  This isn't about mainstream Republicans reclaiming the seat.  It isn't about the people versus the powerful.  It is about making sure that the American people are well served.  That will start with the repeal of Obamacare.  That can't happen unless the seat is won and the Republicans can control the Senate.  Akin needs to step down and take up golf.  This election is bigger than he is.