A vote on new Veterans Administration clinics in Lafayette could come as early as this week after lawmakers in Washington, D.C. overcame an "impasse" that left the legislation nearly lifeless for months.

The new clinics, which are authorized as part of an overall reform to the department, could soon become a reality after a weekend agreement was reached "between the...Senate chairman and the House chairman on what the final package will look like," U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany said, "and I anticipate a vote on this this week."

"This is a big breakthrough," Boustany said, adding that negotiations nearly broke down Friday.

Boustany said he had a conversation with House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner over concerns the Lafayette clinics would be included in the final agreement  .

"I made it very clear that those clinics had to be in because that was a promise that was made. We had already taken a step in the House to waive our budget rule," Boustany said, "and to go back on that would've been a massive mistake."

Boustany said President Barack Obama will sign the legislation once it passes through both chambers.

Boustany also discussed:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin's continued aggression in the former Soviet territory of Ukraine.
  • The ongoing tensions between Israel and Palestinians.

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