On this edition of  "Wingin' It Wednesday" panelists Joyce Linde, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle stopped by "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" and discussed this weeks hottest topics. Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Last week Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the House floor said Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in ten years.  Reid provided no evidence for the claim but said a month or so ago, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office and told him “Harry, he (Romney) didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years”.  What do you think of Reid’s claim?

Warren led off:

The things Harry Reid says are disgusting. I would really like to see Romney come out and counter these claims. At least bring up so we can discuss how the tax code is so out of whack.

Mike Stagg added:

The speculation is out there and it will continue until he reveals his taxes. It's pretty unusual that a person who wants to be president has to reveal less financial information than a person who wants to buy a house.

Joyce Linde countered:

Romney has submitted two tax returns. I don't think Romney should be condemned for achieving the American dream. If he has submitted by law what is required then Harry Reid needs to back off.

2. Temporary renewable two year visas will be given to illegal immigrants under certain conditions with a payment of $465 per person.  Up to 3,000 people will be processed starting on August 15th.  Do you think this is a move by the Obama Administration to garner more votes in November?

Mike Stagg began:

I don't think it has anything to do with votes. This deals with people who came into the United States before they were 16 and who are under 30 right now. These kids had nothing to do with getting themselves here. I think that's the basis of the Dream Act.

Joyce Linde countered:

I certainly do think it's a move to get votes. I think this is once again a target for the American citizen who has worked and paid for their college tuition.

Warren Caudle commented:

People don't get the right to vote unless they are a citizen, at least they aren't supposed to. We have a real problem with our immigration policy and we need to change it. As for as these kids, so many of them do not even know they are illegal.

3. People retiring today are part of the first generation of workers who have paid more in Social Security taxes during their careers than they will receive in benefits after they retire. It's a historic shift that will only get worse for future retirees, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. What do you think can be done to salvage Social Security?

Joyce Linde said:

This will result in a raising of employee withholding taxes because it is the easiest thing for congress to do. We could cut out some of the waste and fraud that is so rampant within our budget. If we go back to the 2008 levels of spending we could balance the budget, but we can't get congress to cut back on anything.

Warren added:

Social security started off with people taking it without people paying into it. We need to scrap the tax code, we need to go to a national retail sales tax, we need to bring the jobs home from China, it would strengthen the economy, social security would just be a line item in the federal budget, it would pay off the national debt, and on and on and on.

Mike Stagg concluded:

Social Security is really a trust fund. You lift the cap and that takes care of the soundness of social security, but I agree with Joyce. We have a do-nothing congress which can be remedied in November.

Now it's your turn to tell us what you think about today's Wingin' It Wednesday topics. Who got it right, who got it wrong, and who was way off? Let us know in the comment section.