We all know catchphrases that were started by national entertainers: "Alright alright alright"; "Dy-no-mite!!"; "Elizabeth, I'm comin' to join you, honey"; "Na-noo, na-noo"; but what are the most recognized leauxcal catchphrases?

Justin Wilson Youtube/Cajun In The City
Justin Wilson Youtube/Cajun In The City

You are going to like this post, I guarontee!

Here's my list:

  • 1

    "I Guarontee" - Justin Wilson

    Justin Wilson was a native of one of the "Florida" Parishes of Louisiana, Tangipahoa Parish, and cut his teeth as a storyteller while working as a safety engineer throughout Acadiana, according to Wikipedia.

    The story goes that he was putting people to sleep with his mundane safety talk, so he decided to spice it up with a little Cajun humor. The rest, as they say, is history, I guarontee!

    (Wikipedia, Youtube)

  • 2

    "Cha-Ching" - Ralph Begnaud

    The Red Tanny Shoe man himself, Ralph Begnaud, might not have been the first to coin the phrase, but anytime you hear it in Acadiana, your thoughts can't help but turn to Ralph!

    During his stand-up, anytime he would talk about experiencing good fortune, he would accent the story with "Cha-Ching!!".

  • 3

    "Jack, oooh, it's like I'm flyin', Jack". - Poo Poo Broussard

    When "Jack" and "Rose" recreate the famous scene from "The Titanic" (instead of an ocean liner, they are in a flat-bottomed boat, or a "bateau" as my Uncle Oday would call it), Rose's tick-tick Cajun accent forever changed the way I watch that movie.

    After this clip came out, you could hear people saying it (the Cajun Rose way) all over Acadiana!

    (Youtube/Poo Poo Broussard)

  • 4

    "On Va Soigner Ton Char, Comme Le Char, Au Nous Autres" - J. P. Thibodeaux

    This phrase is so entrenched in the minds of Acadiana that I am actually able to use it when I am out of town to find fellow Cajuns


  • 5

    "Poooh, My Lips Is Chap-Chap" - Poo Poo Broussard

    Poo-Poo Broussard makes it to our list twice, this time with the famous "Poooh, my lips is chap-chap" because, obviously, the word "very" is not in a Cajun's vocabulary.

    (Youtube/Poo Poo Broussard)

  • 6

    B-O-O-T-H Comma To Da Top's Grocery - Cajun Onstar

    The Cajun Onstar video, posted by Nonk Chauz, has over 1.2 million views. In a nutshell, it's a man with a very thick (maybe slightly exaggerated) Cajun accent, speaking with an Onstar agent while near Grand Chenier, Louisiana. He is trying to find his crabbing spot, just past Booth's Grocery.

    The "comma to da top" gets me every time.

    (Youtube/Nonk Chauz)

  • 7

    "Choot 'Em!" - Troy Landry

    Most of the entries on this list are regional stars, making a regional impact. This one, though, made it to the big-time: Troy Landry on the History Channel's "Swamp People". With a mouth full of marbles, Troy says "Choot 'em!" with an enthusiasm that can only be found on a South Louisana reality show!


  • 8

    "How Y'all Are?" - Justin Wilson

    Justin Wilson started it, and since then it's been hijacked by a few people (including Moon Griffon!), but his signature "How y'all are" is just as famous as his "I guarontee"!


  • 9

    "Make A Roux" - Floyd Cormier

    This one might be more for my radio and television friends than the general public, but anytime something happened, whether it was the sight of or a story about a dead animal, Floyd would remark "Make a roux!" (Referring to cooking whatever animal it was that we were talking about. Or if people thought that they'd be stranded in the house for a while, etc)

    Usually, his catchphrase was said off-air, so it was mainly the people in the studio who got to hear it, but I know that, from time to time, he was able to sneak it onto the airwaves. (And if you never got a chance to speak with Floyd when the mics were off, you missed out on a real treat.)

    This clip is just Floyd doing a weather forecast when he worked at "Action 3 News"; I just wish we would have been able to catch a "Make a roux" on tape!

    (Youtube/20th Century Vision)

  • 10

    I'll Need Your Help With This One

    Okay, so I was able to get 9 of the 10, and now I am stumped. What were other "famous" catchphrases uttered by Cajuns that we, as Cajuns, instantly know when they are repeated? I know that I must be missing a few. Chime in and tell us what you think should be on the list!

    (And, no, "Happy, happy, happy!" should NOT be on the list. Those Duck Commander people are NOT Cajun. Now go wash your mouth with soap for even thinking that!.)


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