It’s going to be a brutal run of summer weather with little rain in sight and heat indexes over 100 degrees baking the Bayou State for about the next week.

State Climatologist Barry Keim says a high-pressure system in the Gulf has stabilized weather in Louisiana and unfortunately begun pushing humid Gulf air onto land.

“The heat index values are going to soar into the triple digits. Expect values between 100 and 110, and I know that this pattern is going to persist for at least the next week.”

You won’t even be graced by the occasional afternoon shower swinging by and pushing temperatures down for a few hours. Keim says to expect the dry, but humid conditions to last into early next week.

“Throughout the holiday weekend, expect very very little rainfall. If you get any at all you are lucky, and you are just going to bake out there.”

A lot of folks are taking an extended holiday at the moment and setting up for some weekend boating or grilling. Keim says the heat index is approaching dangerous levels, so act accordingly.

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and I’m not just talking about drinking beer, because beer dehydrates you. Secondly, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen because you are not going to get a lot of cloud protection.”

Keim says it’s official, the state has hit the hottest period of the year.

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