In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are at home with some time on our hands. This should make meal prep should be a lot easier which, in turn, should make our lives easier. Here are 17 easy meals for a slow cooker/crockpot or Instant Pot.

DUMP RECIPE - noun - all the ingredients needed for a complete meal placed into one bag and frozen for future use. When ready to cook, just open, "dump" into pot, and cook.

Click here for the recipes I found on Acadiana's Thrifty Mom blog.  In addition to these 17 "dump" recipes for the Instant Pot, the site also has entertainment, travel, and DIY ideas.

Olga Nayashkova, ThinkStock Images

From Orange Chicken to Red Beans and Rice to Spaghetti, these are meals that your family will love. Cheap, easy, and very convenient!

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