The Slidell Police Department arrests two Gulfport men for allegedly trying to sell fake flat-screen televisions. Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says they got a report about the suspects' activities taking place at a gas station near a Mardi Gras parade route. He says cops moved in to check the serial numbers on the TVs, and quickly learned that they weren't stolen.

"However, they were nothing but empty plastic shells," said Seuzeneau. "The two guys had removed all of the internals and to compensate for the weight had filled the boxes with rocks."
47-year-old Clover Sims and 44-year-old Lloyd Bradley are charged with theft by fraud.
Seuzeneau says thankfully they arrived at the scene as someone was purchasing 4 of the phony TVs for $280, but it's believed these men have scammed several individuals.
"I've already gotten other calls about these two and we believe they may have also been doing this with iPads and other things," said Seauzeneau.