2,300 of the state’s best teachers have begun specialized training aimed at preparing them to be mentors to new educators and struggling students. Assistant Superintendent Hannah Dietsch says the program will give experienced educators the tools to be able to better prepare their rookie peers for those first, challenging years in the classroom.

“Especially after practicing with these trained mentors to undergo nine days of intensive specialized training on really how to coach and support new teachers.”

881 of the teachers are training to take on the classroom role of “Mentor Teachers”, who directly coach new educators, and 752 are training to become “Content Leaders”, who deliver professional development.

Dietsch says this is the first year they’re offering training for interested educators who would like to specialize in academic interventions for low performing students who may come from at-risk backgrounds.

“What we really want to ensure that students who may still be working to achieve grade level standards, have access to the curriculum and materials that their peers are using to ultimately achieve at the same level as their peers.”

Dietsch says encouraging experienced teachers to reach out and help develop aspiring educators who are still seeking their certification will ensure more of those teaching candidates make it through the process.

“We hope that through his training program that we provide more support for teachers who are early in their careers so that they are more likely to stay with us, which is so important for Louisiana students.”

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