The field of candidates for Louisiana Governor is now down to six as three candidates were disqualified last week.

Two Republicans - Patrick J. Doguet and Manuel Russell Leach - and one Democrat - M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza - were all eliminated from the race after objections were raised to their candidacies because of tax-related issues. They had not filed taxes within the last five years, according to Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin's office.

Ardoin confirmed the information to KPEL News after registered Republican Patrick "Live Wire" Landry called in to the Moon Griffon Show on Friday to say that his candidacy was being challenged as well. According to Landry and Ardoin's office, Landry stayed on the ballot because he did not earn enough money to pay taxes.

Here is the current field of candidates:

  • Ralph Abraham (R)
  • Oscar "Omar" Dantzler (D)
  • John Bel Edwards (D)
  • Gary Landrieu (I)
  • Patrick "Live Wire" Landry (R)
  • Eddie Rispone (R)