Part of commemoration of Memorial Day involves time outside with our families and loved ones. That usually means grilling. We know about the stars of the grill but if you're adventurous you should really give these great foods a try over the coals or gas burners.

  • Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images
    Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images


    You mean the green things we make guacamole out of? That's the same green thing I am talking about. If you like guacamole you'll love grilled avocado. Here's what you do. Cut your avocado in half and remove that bowling ball of a seed and leave the skin on. Brush the green flesh part of the avocado with olive oil and place that side down on your grill for 5-7 minutes. Pull your avocados off the fire and pour salsa over them. You can enjoy with chips or a spoon. It's like a grilled guac, that's very tasty and good for you.

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    You're probably thinking the grill isn't the only thing smoking something with this suggestion. Grilled salad, in particular lettuce is wonderful. Here's what you do. Take a head of Romaine lettuce and cut it in half. Place each half over the fire for about five minutes a side, or until you get grill marks on the outside. Remove from the heat and add your favorite dressing or chop and serve with other veggies. Let's face it you haven't tried it so don't you knock it until you do.

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    David McNew/Getty Images


    The addition of citrus, particularly lemon, to grilled foods such as fish or chicken is a great way to brighten up the flavor of grilled foods. Now, we are going to kick that concept up a notch. If you love shish kabobs you will love this idea. No matter what your putting on the skewer if you add a quarter lemon about every third or fourth item you will find the whole skewer takes on that bright citrus flavor profile. This works great for veggie kabobs. It's easy, it's unique, and your guests will want to know your secret recipe.

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    Staff Photo


    I had to throw you one food you might actually try and this is it. We don't usually think of meatballs as a grilled item but when cooked over the coals or gas outside they take on a whole new form of deliciousness. It's simple to do too. Just make your meatballs as if you were making your spaghetti sauce. You might want to make them a little tighter than you would so they don't fall through the grill. Place them on the heat about 5 - 7 minutes a side and you'll be amazed how incredible good your spaghetti and pasta dishes become.They also make one heck of a sub sandwich too.

  • rice and gravy cook off
    rice and gravy cook off


    You're probably wishing I would just put down the crack pipe and get myself to rehab. Regardless of what you're thinking hear me out. It is possible to grill rice. Here's what you do. Make your rice nice and sticky. Roll that sticky rice into tightly packed balls.Give your rice balls a nice brush with some olive oil Place those balls on the heat for just a few minutes until the outside gets a little crunchy. There you have it, an easy to eat treat that is so South Louisiana it practically begs for you to share the idea.

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