Lately, I get home and all I want to do is dive in headfirst to a bottle of wine or vodka. The last thing on my to-do list is working out. Unfortunately, I just am not motivated to work out. However, I don't want to gain weight during my self-isolation.

The New York Post caught up with some personal trainers and they dished out some tips for people who want to start working out at home while they're self-isolating. For many of us, our homes have become our offices. Could our homes now become our gyms? Trainers say "Yes".

Check out these helpful tips:

Clear some space. First, you'll have to clean up all the clutter. This gives you room to move and also need to make sure there's nothing you'll hit or accidentally trip on.

Open a window. Not just because of the smell that is about to take over, it gets your blood flowing. It can also help change your mindset.

Wear good shoes. Yes, things like yoga are okay barefoot. However this isn't an excuse to wear slippers to workout in. Make sure you wear the work out shoes you normally wear to the gym.

You don't have to do it all at once. Did you know that mini-workouts can be just as good as one big one? Maybe you're an essential worker, or perhaps a mom, just fit it in when you can.

Go easy on yourself. Don't forget the importance of stretching and don't overdo it. One of the biggest mistakes people make is doing too much too soon. Being sore for an entire week is no fun.

Larry Negard Facebook
Larry Negard Facebook

Larry Negard a personal trainer in Bossier has been showing several people in the community how they can work out from home. Yes, even if you live in an apartment and have limited equipment.

All of a sudden I feel the urge to throw some workout clothes and shoes to get my fitness on.

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