LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - We're about halfway through the year, and a lot of folks have been looking for ways to improve their lives with a new, healthy lifestyle. One of the most common ways to go about it? Adopting a low carb diet.

But sometimes, you are just on the run too much and can't always prepare one of those meals. Instead, you stop and pick something up. But a lot of those options, whether dine-in, carry-out, or drive-thru, just aren't the healthiest way to eat.

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But there are a lot of benefits to the low-carb life.

1. Weight Management: One of the primary reasons people go low carb is for effective weight management. By reducing carbohydrate intake, the body shifts into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy. This can lead to quicker and more sustainable weight loss for those looking to shed extra pounds gained over the holiday season.

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2. Improved Energy Levels: Cutting down on refined carbohydrates and sugar can help stabilize blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes and promoting sustained energy throughout the day. Many individuals find that a low-carb diet helps them feel more alert and focused, contributing to increased productivity and overall well-being.


3. Blood Sugar Control: For those with insulin resistance or diabetes, adopting a low-carb lifestyle can be crucial for managing blood sugar levels. By minimizing the intake of high glycemic index foods, individuals may experience better control over insulin response, reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications.


4. Enhanced Mental Clarity: Some people choose a low-carb diet for its potential cognitive benefits. By providing the brain with a more stable source of energy through fats and proteins, individuals report improved mental clarity, concentration, and memory.


5. Heart Health: A low-carb diet, especially when focused on whole, nutrient-dense foods, can contribute to heart health. It often involves choosing sources of healthy fats and lean proteins, which may positively impact cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Whether driven by weight loss goals, energy optimization, blood sugar control, mental clarity, or heart health, going low carb for the new year reflects a commitment to holistic well-being and a desire for positive lifestyle changes.

But you can't always cook low-carb or keto meals at home. Occasionally, you're busy, on the road, or just don't feel like cooking.

You need options, right?

After scouring social media and online reviews, it became clear that, despite the reputation of Cajun cooking, there were plenty of options in Lafayette for those looking for lighter eating, and with low-carb meal plans dominating the diet scene right now, people who hop aboard those diets can relax knowing they have options outside of their own kitchen.

1. Rachel's Cafe

Just about everywhere you look, if you search for "low carb Lafayette," Rachel's Cafe is going to pop up.

A look at the standard menu and it looks like any typical southern plate lunch cafe. But there is another part to the menu, the "fit menu," that healthy eating enthusiasts love. Featuring lean proteins and low- or no-carb veggies on the side, Rachel's is a great place to go for your New Year, New You plans.

As one reviewer on Facebook wrote, "Everything I’ve tried has been delicious. I love her fit meals…eating healthy never tasted so good! Items from her freezer are fantastic."

2. La Pizzeria

Credit: La Pizzeria/Facebook
Credit: La Pizzeria/Facebook

One reviewer stated they "almost always get their low-carb pizza" and that they "never knew that I like eggplant till I had this pizza."

La Pizzeria has long had its low-carb and gluten-free options for pizza, and when you make sure your toppings follow the same guidelines, you can feel confident that you haven't ruined your vision for a healthier lifestyle when you cave to your pizza cravings.

3. T-Coons

Another one you might not expect to see on a list of top low-carb or keto restaurants is T-Coons. The menu features a variety of items that are in some way smothered with a sauce, but there is also a dedicated section of the menu for keto dishes.

Multiple folks on social media have pointed out that T-Coons even has a sign-up promoting their keto options, just so you're clear when you walk in that your diet is definitely supported there.

4. Bon Temps Grill

While not explicitly low carb or keto, many of the menu items at Bon Temps Grill are pretty low on carbs. There are a lot of salad and lean seafood options on the menu that don't skimp out on the flavor.

"I enjoy the low carb aspect of many of the dinner items," one online review read. "The creole Cobb salad is a favorite, I just wish they put more bacon in it."

Don't we all wish for more bacon?

5. Zea Rotisserie & Bar

Much like the previous entry, this is less about having a specific low-carb option and more about having several options already that just qualify for the label. One review online confirms.

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"For those looking for low carb options, I highly recommend this place," they wrote. "They have a great selection of meats and wholesome vegetables to choose from, all at reasonable prices."

The menu has a lot of lighter options and plenty of healthy sides for healthier eating in 2023.

6. Mandez's Seafood Bar & Grill

What's good about Mandez's is that they understand your love for the classics, like a good burger, and the desire for healthier living. They are quick to offer a lettuce wrap instead of the traditional bun.

One person wrote on Facebook that "Any burger can be wrapped in lettuce with a side of veggies instead of fries. So good."

So while you may be dining with someone who isn't cutting back on fried foods, you can enjoy a stellar burger, guilt-free.

7. Fezzo's (Broussard)

One of the few on the list with a dedicated keto menu, Fezzo's in Broussard has been offering keto-friendly foods for years. When most folks online talk about low-carb eating in the area, they point to Fezzo's in Broussard specifically.

If you're not strictly keto, however, there are still plenty of menu options that can be tailored to healthier and low-carb eating.

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