Crowley Police now have a person of interest in a string of church vandalism incidents after another church was targeted this week, the sixth such incident since July.

Chief Jimmy Broussard says the incidents have all had roughly the same M.O., a vandal, or vandals tosses a brick or concrete through the glass of a church in a majority-black neighborhood.

“This time it’s the same church that we had in the very beginning, the 1st Lutheran Church, instead of hitting the stained glass windows they did one of the glass windows to the education building,” says Broussard.

Broussard says they’re not sure exactly what is motivating these attacks, and they’re keeping all options open, but the crimes seem to point in one direction.

“Being from a predominately African American section of town, it lends credence to the possibility that it is a hate crime,” says Broussard.

The chief says the feds have been contacted and information has been passed to them, so if you’re behind the vandalism, it’s best to turn yourself in now before federal agents charge you.

“Ours is severe but not as severe as a hate crime under federal statute,” says Broussard.

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