Several strip clubs on Bourbon Street have had their alcohol licenses pulled by the ATC after investigators say they found multiple instances of prostitution, lewd acts and, in some cases, illegal drug activity. NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison says they have a strong commitment to keeping the entire city free of criminal activity.

"These closures represent the first step, and not the last, in an ongoing effort to combat confront human trafficking in New Orleans," said Harrison.
Harrison says each business has been told in writing, what offenses lead to their suspension — in many cases narcotics, but in every case prostitution. He says they had been getting complaints from citizens and from other businesses that this type of activity could have been taking place.
"We took those complaints and we gathered intelligence and put together a plan to conduct this long-term operation using undercover operatives," said Harrison.
The ATC says more than 30 cases of prostitution were discovered, along with lewd acts. Harrison says this is an ongoing operation that is not over yet. He says if anybody chooses to create victims of human trafficking to turn a profit, you know should cops are still on alert.
"And if you have a business and allow this, we're coming for you as well," said Harrison.