Can you really have Summer without a watermelon? I guess it’s possible. But, why would you when watermelons are so plentiful this time of year? We eat a lot of watermelon at our house. In my opinion watermelon makes for a healthy, refreshing, and hydrating snack that fits perfectly with all the summertime heat and humidity. 

To me, the perfect watermelon has the attributes I’ve already listed and it should be served chilled. Not quite ice cold but pretty darn cold, especially if you’re serving it on a hot Summer day. I don’t really care how you slice the melon. You can cut wedges, or circles, or even do chunks.

It’s all good. If you've done your homework and selected the best melon in the patch or the store or the farmer's market. 

The problem with watermelon is that you can’t see inside the darn things to know if you’re getting a good one. I mean, nobody wants a bland melon, right?  We, well I, want my melon to be firm and crisp with every bite. I want it sweet and juicy too. But I don’t always select the proper melon to buy. 

 But I have learned a few secrets of the watermelon that have helped me become a better buyer, at least when it comes to finding the sweetest, juiciest, and most flavorful melon. These tips aren’t hard to follow once you know what to look for.

By the way, I learned these tips from a couple of great YouTube Channels. Namely Natural Cures and Natural Ways offer a great selection of videos on a wide range of topics involving food and health. Also The Sweeter the Juice is a YouTube Channel with similar advice on getting the most out of the food we eat.

I hope you'll visit these channels as their content is excellent, the videos are well produced, and they know what they are talking about. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due and make you aware of their content in case your interests go beyond just watermelon. 

8 Easy Tricks to Picking the Sweetest Watermelons

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