Three members of the Lafayette City Parish Council voted this week in favor of a resolution that opposes Drag Queen Story Time at the Lafayette Public Library in downtown Lafayette.

The three members that voted for the resolution showing their opposition to the Story Time were Nanette Cook, William Theriot and Jared Bellard.

The other six members of the council abstained from voting. That doesn't sit well with some in our community who voiced their displeasure with the members for not voting on this issue.

Some have expressed their frustration that the other six members of the council didn't take a stand on the resolution.Resolution don't carry the weight of law, but for many, it let's people know where you stand on an issue.

Going back to 2015, there was another resolution before that council about an issue that can be very controversial to some, but that resolution received unanimous approval.

The resolution was to place "In God We Trust" in a prominent place in Lafayette City Hall.

Three members who voted their approval of the "In God We Trust" resolution back in 2015 also sit on the current council, but they decided to abstain from voting on the Story Time issue.

Those members are District One Councilman Kevin Naquin, District Two Councilman Jay Castille and District Four Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux.

Kevin Naquin wrote on his Facebook page yesterday about the Drag Queen Story Time issue saying, in part,

"I feel morally it’s not government to judge nor myself to judge people... so I simply say that it should fall on us, as Parents to make those decisions If they fill it’s appropriate for there kids or not. You don't have to participate."

Kenneth Boudreaux had a lengthy message on Facebook about the issue, he wrote, in part, " I feel these churches and pastors have been lured into a controversial political issue. That then creates my question, you do not deny the church door why deny the library door? I am not interested in judging people or pastors. I AM NOT THE PASTOR, POLICE OR THE PARENT."

The resolution about Drag Queen Story Time wasn't the first resolution ever proposed to the Lafayette City Parish Council, and it likely won't be the last, so will council members continue to pick and choose which issues they take a stand on?

The Drag Queen Story Time is still slated for October 6th. The Library Board did meet this week, but did not discuss the issue.


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