When I was in school, I had no idea that the plaque that resided above the principal's office door was so controversial.  It said "In God We Trust," and according to some folks, that is a clear violation of separation of church and state - one of America's most important tenets.

Now a Louisiana state law requires it be put in place at the beginning of this school year.  Locally, Bossier Schools (which start back up again on Wednesday, August 7th) are way ahead of the curve - they instituted the change last year.

According to KTBS, 7 other states have a similar law - including Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma and Alabama.  The change will reportedly not cost schools a dime, as the the required phrase doesn't have to be engraved, or on a plaque - it can be displayed as simply as writing on a piece of paper and taping it on the wall.

Critics say this is a clear violation of a major rule laid down by the forefathers of America.  Proponents say that no matter what (if any) deity or higher power you believe in, the phrase is still applicable.  That plus the historic significance have cemented (or taped at least) the national motto's place in Louisiana schools.

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