For a place that has a reputation for quiet the Lafayette Public Library and its many branches have certainly been the subject of a lot of discussions here lately. A lot of that talk has been in the chambers of the Lafayette City-Parish Council and last night, they were talking about the library again.

At last night's meeting of the Lafayette City-Parish Council, an introductory ordinance was approved that would allow for the spending of library funds on the library. The council agreed to allow the library to spend $12 million dollars on two projects in the Parish.

$8 million of the $12 million would go toward the construction of a new Northeast Regional Library. The remaining $4 million would go toward the expansion of the North Regional Library in Carencro.

The council's actions last night met with the approval of many supporters of the Lafayette Library who were concerned that money dedicated for library projects might be redirected to other areas of concern such as drainage and road repair.

There still could be money redirected from library funds for those projects but the action of the council last night should ensure that at least some of the library's planned projects will be funded by money that was dedicated for use by the library system.

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