George W. Bush & Barack Obama

President Obama has been called the Blamer in Chief many times.  No time was more evident than the unveiling of the White House portraits of George W. and Laura Bush.  President Bush was the picture of an eloquent statesman, who even made a joke about there now being two portraits of "George W." at the White House.  Laura Bush, equally as magnanimous, talked about how wonderful it was to live in a house with pictures of the previous occupants staring down at you from the walls.

Before all of that, President Obama made some comments about the previous President and said this about the transition between the Bush and Obama Administrations,

“The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time.  We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn't know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been.”

He would go on to thank President Bush for a smooth transition, as if that makes the other remarks go away.

President Obama continues to make everything all about him.  In this instance, he couldn't help but include comments that were critical of President Bush at a celebration for a crowd that was largely the Bush family, friends and former staffers in the Bush White House.  Rather than talk in general terms about the service of President Bush and how much he loves the troops and continues to help them, he makes it all about what he had to do to fix the trouble that was left behind for him.

There is a time and place for criticism of a President.  At the official unveiling of his portrait is not the place for it.  President Bush was the picture of grace when he served as President at the unveiling of the portrait of Bill Clinton.  He had also said some negative things about Clinton, but he had the decorum to keep those comments out of the official ceremony that took place that day.  President Obama has no clue how to do that.  He has become so used to blaming Bush for everything that he just can't help it.

We can only hope that Mr. Obama sees the error of his ways at the unveiling of his portrait at the White House, which with any luck, will be scheduled toward the end of the first term of the Romney Administration here in a few years.


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