Two men from Florida are under arrest after they allegedly fired shots in the air while driving down Interstate 10 in Acadia Parish around 2:00 p.m. on July 4th.

So, why did the two suspects fire shots in the air?

29-year-old Charles Lee Hill of Saint Cloud and 35-year-old Antoine Earl Hold of Apopka have both been booked into the Acadia Parish Jail after Sheriff's deputies say the men told them they fired the shots because an individual was following them.



“Actions like this are what leads to violence," says Sheriff K.P. Gibson. "These individuals should have called 911 if they felt there was a threat by the other motorist rather than discharging firearms and putting the public at risk."

According to a press release from the Sheriff's Office, the suspect vehicle was found near Egan. Investigators say they found two firearms.

Both men have been charged with Illegal Discharge of a firearm.

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One minute they were having a conversation with someone; the next minute they were hurting from being hit by a vehicle.

In this KPEL article, Sheriff Gibson says two teenagers suffered minor and moderate injuries after they were both hit by a vehicle whose driver did not see them in the roadway.

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