As Hurricane Ian begins to make its way into the Gulf of Mexico, first responders from here in Acadiana are making their way to Florida in order to assist with relief efforts. Crews from LUS and Acadian Ambulance have already departed Louisiana and are ready to lend a helping hand to the state of Florida.

Lafayette Utilities System (LUS)
Lafayette Utilities System (LUS)

For folks here in Louisiana, preparing for a hurricane has become an all-too-familiar task around this time of year. Thankfully, Acadiana has some incredible resources when it comes to dealing with power outages and making sure that people are healthy and safe during and after dangerous weather conditions.

But now, our friends to the East in Florida are breaching for what is expected to be a powerful hurricane. Some projections say that Hurricane Ian could strengthen to a Category 4 status with the storm expected to make landfall sometime this week.

Yes, Tampa and surrounding areas should be preparing for a serious storm as the clock ticks on its impact. But thankfully, some of the most experienced hurricane first responders will be on standby as Hurricane Ian makes its way to the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Acadiana First Responders Depart to Assist Florida in Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

See the video of linemen departing from Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) via Facebook below.

If you've ever suffered through a hurricane, you know one of the scariest parts is the unknown surrounding power outages and the eventual restoration of power. Thankfully, the team at LUS is going to be ready to rock once it is safe to lend a hand.

Check out the team from Acadian Ambulance sending out their strike teams to Pensacola via Facebook below.

A medical emergency is the last thing that anyone wants during a storm like this, so having the extra help from here in Acadiana will definitely mean a lot to the people of Florida.

We hope that this storm can somehow cause minimal damage to Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida. Hurricane Ian is set to leave quite an impact on the state, so hopefully, these additional resources from right here in Acadiana can provide relief as Florida weathers the storm.

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