As often happens when I go on car trips with my friend Winky Dinky Dawg, the theme of our conversation bounces from subject to subject like a squirrel in traffic. As we pass by unfamiliar places and say their names out loud there is usually a weak attempt at humor or a pun based on the name. You, youngsters, would call this Dad Joke Hell, but it passes the miles as we journey to or from our destination.  

We have often discussed, “why did they decide to call it that”? His has happened many times, on our journeys. So, today I thought I’d investigate how certain towns and places along Interstate 10 from Acadiana to some of our favorite destinations got their names and/or what made them famous enough to get their own potential bathroom breaks along the roadway 

Look at it like this, at some point in the future you will be on Interstate 10. You will pass by or drive to some of these very destinations. Just when the conversation in the car reaches a lull, you’ll recall this article and simply wow your friends and family with a whimsical and historically accurate non-binding fact that will make you seem like the genius of the car.  

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