Research out of LSU indicates those with ADHD may have highly desirable traits when it comes to starting a business.

The article by LSU Assistant Business Professor Reginald Tucker indicates while hyperactivity can be detrimental in many fields, it’s common for entrepreneurs. Tucker says ADHD is often labeled “dysfunctional”, but…

“Folks with ADHD may tend to be more creative, more able to adapt, and have more ideation.”

The research isolated what’s generally considered to be an undesirable trait often found in those with ADHD, impulsivity, and studied how it effects success in business. Tucker says the results indicate those who favor action speed over action accuracy may have an edge in the competitive entrepreneurial world.

“We often may think of someone in a negative light, but ADHD can be incredibly helpful, not only as an entrepreneur, but also for someone who is thinking entrepreneurly inside of an organization.”

He says business owners looking for new ideas, departments, or services at their company should consider putting those with ADHD, or ADHD like symptoms, on the task.

Tucker says his research indicates that higher education should begin moving away from a stigmatization of the disease, and consider pushing students with ADHD to enter career fields that suit their attributes, because one size does not fit all.

“We steer towards individuals towards certain careers, or we minimize certain attributes in our people because we want to fit them into a box. This is something that really can be discussed at the higher education level.”

The article was published in the Journal of Business Venturing.

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