Lafayette General Medical Center allowed The Advocate to get an inside look at its COVID units and what they captured is eye-opening.

The Advocate team was granted access back on Tuesday, July 21 and according to their report they weren't allowed to photograph patients with "identifying details" but specialists working with those suffering from the most severe cases allowed The Advocate to photograph them as they went through their daily routine. In addition to being photographed, three of the specialists sat and spoke with a reporter to discuss their personal experiences in detail.

The specialists talked about the very specific tightropes that they must walk with the unpredictable virus and their firsthand details definitely provide a sobering look at the reality of what is happening between those four walls when it comes to the coronavirus. A common theme throughout the interviews was how coronavirus behaved much differently than the flu or any other common illness, despite the comparisons we've seen on social media from many who have downplayed the coronavirus.

That’s the thing with Covid patients, you just never know. When they go down, they go down fast. They look great, and then they don’t

While there are stories of success and joy that are laced within their experiences, our frontline medical professionals say they are currently going through something that they've never experienced before.

We watch patients die. That is part of working in a hospital, being a respiratory therapist, being a nurse, being a doctor. This is something totally different.

The firsthand look is well worth the read and the photos offer the most accurate insight as to what is really happening inside of our local hospitals as it relates to COVID-19.

Read the full story and see the exclusive photos from The Advocate here.

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