Mardi Gras season brings millions of people from all over the world to the bayou state for bead tossing and catching, adult beverages and fun like you've never had in your life. The population of south Louisiana doubles and sometimes triples in the days leading up to Fat Tuesday.  And what do we do, we throw up barricades, make you park your car 2 miles from the parade site and put up 3 portable toilets for a million people to use. Well maybe a few more than 3, but definitely not enough to make everyone happy who has to 'go'.

Benny Grunch performs a fun, and unfortunately, a truthful song about not being able to find a place for 'relief' on Mardi Gras day. Here it is set to video of the revelry and excitement that's help to make south Louisiana the most popular locale to enjoy the spectacle of Mardi Gras.



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