(KPEL News) - Who else is ready for summer to leave and fall to visit Louisiana?

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It is that time of the year when we are all tired of the heat and humidity slapping us in the face when we walk outside in the morning or break out into a sweat just by walking to the mailbox.

Every year, the weather changes as the summer appears to be coming to an end and Fall is in the air. Then, Mother Nature, plays a cruel joke on us as summer returns and aggravates us yet again.


That touch of Fall is known as "False Fall" and all it is is just a big tease. It lowers your defenses against the heat as you start to get accustomed to the cooler weather then Summer comes back for its last hoorah.

Matt Mitchell, a comedian/content creator and native of Alabama, is hilarious! He does a fantastic job of capturing all things Southern! And this video is no exception. With his funny fall references and his comparison of a Nick Saban smile to "False Fall," he captures the feelings of Southerners everywhere!

So, who's ready for "False Fall" again this year?

"False Fall" has been faking us out for years and someone finally captured how we all feel about it! I say, from now on, we just enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts but don't get too excited until after summer finally leaves once and for all.

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