Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh says he’s abandoning his quest to become a federal judge in favor of seeking re-election to the legislature, and running to be the next Speaker of the House.

Seabaugh, one of the most conservative members of the House, opposed the tax plan that funded state government in the last session, and says he would bring that same mentality to the leadership position. “I would assert the independence of the House and not kowtow to the demands of a liberal Democrat governor, and counter balance some of his socialist legislative priorities.”

The Shreveport Republican is noted for his last second “filibuster” that ended a special session before a vote could be held on a revenue plan to fully fund state government.

Stuart Bishop of Lafayette, Barry Ivey of Baton Rouge, and Sherman Mack of Albany are also in the running for Speaker in the Republican-controlled House.

Seabaugh says while he doesn’t think the legislature is reflective of Louisiana values, he doesn’t hold anything against the last speaker, Taylor Barras. “Under the circumstances Taylor Barras has done as good a job as is possible dealing with a liberal Democrat governor and a Senate that is controlled by the liberal Democrat governor.”

Seabaugh says he hopes John Bel Edwards will be pushed out of the Governor’s Mansion in the 2019 election, so that the next speaker can focus on passing Republican priority legislation.

But, when asked if the Democratic governor does win reelection, if he would be willing to work in a bi-partisan fashion, he answered “as far as compromising conservative values? No, I’m not willing to do that, even with the governor. I haven’t don’t that since he’s been there in the last three years.”

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