An Alexandria woman accused of murdering her 5-year-old daughter has been declared “clinically deceased” after an attempted suicide while in the Rapides Parish Jail. Sheriff William Hilton says they’re reviewing the incident and it appears all policies were followed. But 24-year-old Jasmine Anderson’s lawyer Chad Guillot says it’s unacceptable.

“Our judicial system and our law enforcement just simply have to do better, and if there was any wrongdoing, then I hope action can be taken to safeguard against this happening in the future,” said Guillot.

Anderson brought her daughter to a hospital on July 17th, saying the child suffered a fatal neck injury in a car accident, but authorities say her story changed several times, and the injury appeared suspicious.

Guillot says he’s still trying to get more information about the incident, but considering Anderson was in a mental facility when she was initially arrested, the jail should have taken more precautions.

“My understanding is that there were some actions that were taken by Jasmine that should have put the Sherriff’s office and the jail on notice that it was possible she could hurt herself.”

Reports say Anderson began the attempt a few minutes after a cell check.

Anderson is still on life support, but Guillot says that’s only because she was a registered organ donor.

“She is simply clinically deceased, and they are keeping her bodily functions going for organ harvesting, that is it.”

The public has raised concerns after reports that Anderson’s husband died in 2016, and the bottle cap choking death of her four-year-old son earlier this year in April.

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