With the recent wave of severe weather hitting Louisiana and Texas, residents are being reminded to stay vigilant not only for the usual hazards like tornados and flooding but also for displaced wildlife. The alligator is one animal being moved around by floodwaters. While gators are no strangers to our region, multiple instances of these reptiles appearing in unexpected places have been reported due to inclement weather, causing a bit of surprise and concern among residents.

In Rayne, Louisiana, a seven-foot alligator was found underneath a truck following heavy rains. Terrence Senegal shared photos and videos of the gator on Facebook, showing it hiding under his uncle’s vehicle on Bailey Street. The incident, which occurred on June 4, was quite the scene, with police and animal control officials working to capture and safely remove the alligator. According to KADN News 15, the substantial rainfall in the area has raised water levels, pushing the gator out of its natural habitat and into the neighborhood.

Similarly, in Texas, another alligator was spotted being hoisted from a ditch around the same time. These incidents highlight the broader issue of wildlife displacement due to weather conditions. As floodwaters rise, alligators, snakes, and other animals seek higher ground, often ending up in residential areas where they wouldn't normally be found.

A post from Terrence Senegal on Facebook captured the community's reaction: "Found a nice baby 7ft gator outside my aunt and uncle place today. With all this standing water be observant, careful, and mindful around your homes Exit 87 family! P.S. they still haven't found and caught the bobcat!"

The unusual sightings in Rayne follow reports of a bobcat being seen roaming an apartment complex, adding to the unusual wildlife activity in the area. KLFY News 10 reported on the alligator's extraction from under the pickup truck, noting that recent rains likely prompted the gator's inland movement.

Residents in both Louisiana and Texas are advised to stay alert for displaced wildlife in the aftermath of severe weather. It’s crucial to know that the same conditions causing flooding and storms can also push animals like alligators out of their habitats and into urban areas.

It will be a long season filled with heat and rain, so stay weather (and animal) aware!

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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