Wednesday morning Alton Sterling’s oldest son called for peace at a press conference outside the convenience store where his father was fatally shot by police. 15-year-old Cameron Sterling says his father is a good man with a lot of people who love and care about him.

“I truly feel that my father was a good man, and he will always be a good man,” Sterling said.

Sterling says now is the time for everyone to come together and not divide themselves. He says he wants people to continue to protest, but he doesn’t want there to be any more violence.

“Everyone needs to protest in the right way with peace, no violence, none whatsoever,” Sterling said.

One of the Sterling family’s attorneys, Justin Bamberg, also spoke at the press conference. He says all the family wants is change, progress, and justice. He says they have questions about the ability to seek justice in Louisiana.

“We are excited that the federal government has stepped in, but stepping in is not just enough. We want justice. We want an indictment,” Bamberg said.