A new report from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network evaluates Louisiana’s effort to fight the disease.  In 2007, a law was put into place requiring all indoor workplaces to be smoke-free, with the exception of bars and casinos.  ACS-CAN spokesperson Lance Barbour says the state has fallen short to combat second-hand smoke.

“No one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck.  The more we can reduce second-hand smoke exposure, the more we can denormalize it for our youth,” said Barbour.

Among the report’s areas of concern, access to care, quality of life, and prevention. Barbour says state legislation has helped for the highlights in the reports.

“We have increased access to Medicaid.  This year, we passed a palliative care advisory bill, which would allow patients to receive palliative care services in their home or a facility of their choosing,” said Barbour.

Barbour says the findings in the report indicate that Louisiana could combat smoking by raising the state’s cigarette tax.

“Our cigarette tax ranks 37th in the United States, that’s 70 cents below the national average,” said Barbour.

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