Years ago, so many I don't care to really ponder on that, I met a very energetic young woman while participating in a speech and debate tournament. Amy Jones immediately made an impression on me.

Jones, to me, was so energetic and full of life, that it's hard not to like her.

Recently I ask my friend if she would join me on UpClose to talk about her life, her career and broadcasting.

Jones obliged my request.

So where does her journey take her next? Here's what Jones had to share:

Amy spoke to me about how she maybe a talker, but now, it's her daughter who ends up dominantly so many of their conversations since she has found "her voice".

She speaks about loving Lafayette, but she does worry so much about how divisive political issues have become for our community.

Amy says her career in broadcasting was wonderful. She says her time spent being able to interview people for ESPN was beyond enjoyable. Jones says whether it was Kobe Bryant or Shaquille O'Neal, she loved every minute of it. And it wasn't just the big names that made her dreams come true.

You can find out more about Amy Jones Kane and her work by clicking here.

Amy my friend, thank you for sharing your story with all of us!