According to one pollster, early voting numbers are strong for the midterm election in Louisiana. JMC Analytics publisher John Couvillon says we haven't seen midterm participation like this since 2006.

“We have now crossed the 100,000 mark which is pretty good for a midterm election cycle where you don’t have any heavily contested races.”

No Senate seats are open, the Congressional races aren’t close, and the only major state level position up for grabs is the nominally nonpolitical Secretary of State’s race. But Couvillon says there’s a number of issues, including a Unanimous Juries Amendment that could be motivating the increased participation.

“You also have local races like school boards and mayors, a couple of legislative races, a few judicial races, in other words, there’s a few more things on the ballot to help turnout.”

And that amendment is getting a lot of more attention than most amendments have in the past, even boasting a national profile and two million dollars invested in an ad campaign. Couvillon says the increased turnout means if supporters of the initiative could be celebrating if they can keep up the media blitz.

“The amendments are at the very end of the ballots, and typically you have some voters who either go yes on all or no on all, so you have to explain to voters why it is with this specific amendment that the yes vote is desired.”

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