Former Governor Bobby Jindal’s ex-budget chief, Angele Davis, joins the pool of candidates running for state treasurer. Republican state senator Neil Riser, Republican former state representative John Schroder and Democratic attorney Derrick Edwards are the others seeking the post vacated by U.S. Senator John Kennedy. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says none of the candidates are known statewide.

“They’ve got to raise a lot of money to become well known statewide and then they’ve got to identify who they are and what do they stand for.”

State Representative Julie Stokes dropped out of the race after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Pinsonat says Davis has the experience to successfully fill this position.

“She was the Commissioner of Administration for then Governor Bobby Jindal, I’m sure it’s a big plus for her when she’s discussing budget because she knows it.”

Both Schroder and Riser also have budget experience, because of their time in the state legislature. The election is October 14th and qualifying begins Wednesday. Pinsonat says it’s a wide open race.

“The two that achieve the amount of money necessary to get on television are the two I’m betting will probably be the two that make it into the runoff.”