The U.S. Attorney's Office has now charged a fifth person in an ongoing bribery scandal in the 15th Judicial District office here in Lafayette.

The case first broke with Barna Haynes working out a plea deal for her part in the allegations. Federal prosecutors allege that Haynes took money to expedite so called "Immediate 894" cases for some individuals to get clear of their OWI charge with paying bribery money.

An assistant district attorney, his secretary and former Acadiana Outreach Center employee Elaine Crump have also been charged in the case.

Now, according to documents filed in federal court, Sandra Degeyter, will face one count of conspiracy to commit bribery.  The bill of information on Degeyter charges her with conspiring with Crump.

Crump has already pleaded guilty to one count of misprision of a felony.  She failed to report that she was involved with and knew about the scheme.

Federal prosecutors say Degeyter would sign documents that showed that clients of Acadiana Outreach Center had finished their court-ordered community service work when they had not done so.

Both Degeyter and Crump were case workers at AOC.