64 Parishes Magazine is the quarterly publication of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and it recently featured Lafayette's Apollo Ball in its pages.

Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon

The annual Apollo Ball (the premiere ball in Acadiana) has grown from a hush-hush gathering of gay men in Lafayette to a full-blown sold-out Mardi Gras extravaganza.

The story talks about how conservative the Acadiana area is, yet the Apollo Ball and the Mystic Krewe of Apollo both thrive. Could it be that, in the Deep South, a trend of acceptance is starting? Say it isn't so! (/s)


From the creation of gay Mardi Gras krewes as early as the 1950s to today's all-out (pun intended) gay Mardi Gras balls, this story covers a lot of distance in a few paragraphs.

Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

If you've never attended the Apollo Ball, let me tell you: it's quite a spectacle. Glitter, sequins, amazing costumes, well-choreographed dance numbers, music, food, drink, and, most importantly, great people.

I am honored that the Mystic Krewe of Apollo trusts me with the duties of Master of Ceremonies for their event each year.

(64 Parishes)