Now the "experts" have decided that banning sugary drinks and sodas will be the cure to end obesity.  Now, I know everything in moderation is the key to a happy, healthy life.  But, banning soda?  The town of Cambridge Massachusetts is considering doing this?  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a resolution drafted to get rid of these beverages if they are over sixteen ounces.  Yeah, Mike, cause that is gonna cure the problem....soda junkies like me, we are just going to buy more.

Every single day there is some new health study out about what's going to make you healthier, then two days later, the same "experts" seem to be telling you that you'll drop dead if you have just one more bite of this, or if you have another sip of that.  Please, please, please stop trying to scare us into doing what you want.  For anyone who is obese, you know how complex it is to get your weight under control, and if these "soda freaks" think banning these are going to suddenly make me look like I have the cures of supermodel, then I have ocean-front property in Arizona for sale! And I will make them a deal....a real sweet one!

Sodas and sugary drinks make up on seven percent of a person's annual calorie consumption, so why pick on them.  You know what will cure obesity???? A real long look in the mirror.  No one can cure you with taking soda out of your diet, and each weight loss plan needs to be based on the individual, not another stupid government mandate!  Please, please, please stop being stupid!!!  We know we have an obesity problem in this country, but you people screaming at us all the time about what we can and can't do is not helping.  Go home and look in your own mirror, and when you have figured out all your flaws, insecurities, and bad behaviors and you fix them.  Call me!