It's called the Digital Garrison App and it has been launched by the United States Army to make utilizing services at certain military installations around the country a lot easier to use. One of those installations that the new digital app provides information about is Fort Polk in Vernon Parish.

The Digital Garrison App is available through all of the usual app download sites. You can find it in the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android phone users. It is free to download and use. Officials with Fort Polk say the app will help soldiers, families, veterans, and civilians living or working on Fort Polk access vital information about their local exchange.

According to the Army, the app is totally customizable by the user and it will help those who have business dealings on base be more efficient with their time. The app will also allow newcomers to the base information on processing status and other real-time information.

The app also allows for online shopping through the ShopMy website. The app can also be used to store information about the user's MILITARY STAR card. This can make purchasing items and even meals a lot more convenient.

More than 60 different military installations across the nation are utilizing the Digital Garrison App. The plans are to update the app and make it, even more, user friendly based on feedback from those who are currently utilizing its features.


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