Companies that send you money, sound too good to be true? It's real. If you need extra cash for bills, these apps and websites offer you money for doing hardly anything. One app will pay you for simply popping bubbles.

1. Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash offers you up to $80 every time you win. It's just like regular bingo with many variations. You play against other players. Everyone plays the same board and Bingo balls. The top 3 players in each game win $1 to $80.

Download the Bingo Cash free app.

2. Solitaire Cash

You've played solitaire with real cards or on your phone, but you were probably playing because you were bored. Now you can play to win money. The Solitaire Cash app pays up to $83 every time you win.

There are not even any ads to watch. You can start playing as soon as you download the app.

Download the Solitaire Cash free app.

3. Inbox Dollars

The website InboxDollars will pay you to watch short videos. The videos can be anything from ants to war. The great thing is that you get to select the videos you want to watch. Watch the video, answer a few questions about it and that's it!

You can make up to $225 per month. Inbox Dollars is paid by different brands and then pay you for watching the short videos and answering a few quick questions. Inbox Dollars has paid out over 56 million dollars.

Go to and start watching.

4. Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is an app that pays you for popping bubbles. That's right—popping bubbles!

Everyone gets the same layout and the fastest bubble poppers win. You play others in your same skill level. Top three players who clear the board the fastest win. Winners receive anywhere from $1 to $83.

Download the Bubble Cash free app.

5. Branded Surveys

The free website called Branded Surveys will pay you up to $140 a month to hear your opinions on anything from diapers to commercials. Set your opinions free and get paid.

In less than one minute you can get set up and start giving Branded Surveys your opinion on everything—and get paid!

Go to to get started.

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