It's not a podcast. Not a live conference call. It's not a radio station talk show. Clubhouse is a social networking app that is taking the world by the ear, literally. And even though this relatively new app is the talk of the town with over 2 million users, you can only join if you're invited.

Clubhouse is the newest way for people around the world to connect in a velvet rope kind of way. What makes this app so unique is that you can't just go to the app store and get it. The only way to join, as of now, is to be invited. Millions of people around the world are currently trying to get in but can't because they haven't been invited to join the exclusive audio platform. Just like elite members-only clubs in your hometown, Clubhouse operates the same way, only on a larger worldwide scale.

An existing member has only 2 invitations at first. Once invited members can listen to interesting people talk live about topics the user is interested in. Unlike a podcast, radio or television show, Facebook or Twitter, the user gets to pick the topic. Members listen to audio-chat that sticks to the topic they've chosen, allowing those in the chatroom to not be distracted by other topics they may not be interested in. In addition, the exclusivity of the app makes users feel like they're part of a unique Studio 54 type experience.

Clubhouse allows users to enjoy popular topics in themed chatrooms populated by any number of people at any given time. Moderators keep the conversations on point. Once Clubhouse gets an idea of your interests, the app will suggest conversation rooms that fit you. Like Snapchat, once the chatroom closes, the conversation is gone.

Oprah, Kevin Hart and many other big names are members of Clubhouse. The app is extremely popular in China as well. Chinese users have fallen in love with the app as it gives the people of China a platform to discuss topics that would normally be censored.

According to The Guardian, Clubhouse is now valued at $1 billion and is on its way to becoming as big a company as Airbnb, Uber and SpaceX.

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