Their page name may be NSFW but it sheds light on an issue that everyone can relate to.

We've all been there before. You're cruising through the parking lot of a local retailer or grocery store and you see an open spot. As you make your way toward the parking spot you quickly realize why it was open in the first place.

Someone decided to park like a jerk and totally made that open spot a useless spot. Whether it's double parking, triple parking, parking over the line, parking out of the space, or illegally parking in handicapped spaces—we see it on a daily basis around town.

A group of locals have come together to point out these wack parking jobs in a group titled 'You Park Like An A**hole - Lafayette Edition."

The public group posts daily photos of terrible parking jobs from all around Acadiana.


Sometimes the bad parking jobs aren't all that bad.


Do you see bad parking jobs all over town? Feel free to join the page here and submit your photos!

Maybe we can shame Acadiana into becoming a better parking town for everyone.