Baton Rouge Police arrest a man after he allegedly fired shots at a police officer and four other people, including his mother, sister, cousin and a friend of the sister. Cops located 34-year-old Eugene Thomas Jr. of Baton Rouge about 15 minutes after shooting at his relatives and BRPD Sgt Don Coppola says that’s when the suspect started shooting at the officer.

"As the officer pulled behind the vehicle, he was a victim of gunfire as Thomas opened the door and fired numerous rounds into the officer's vehicle, striking the vehicle's windshield. The officer was struck."

The officer was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive the injuries. After a brief chase, another officer was able to stop and take Thomas into custody. Coppola says Thomas faces several charges.

"Four counts of attempted first degree murder, attempted first degree murder of a police officer and a felon in possession of a firearm."
Coppola credits the quick response by police that kept this situation from being worst than it was.
"We're just grateful that the injuries to our officer are any more severe that what's he facing already."
Coppola says they are investigating why this incident escalated to the level it did.