With changing seasons the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana warns of energy audit scams. The BBB says a phone call or a knock at your door offering a 'free energy audit' to cut down on utility bills should be a warning. Many times the person at your door will offer to identify ways to save on energy while 'inspecting' a home. In reality the person may be looking for things to steal at a later date. The scammer may also offer government rebates or programs that are available with upfront costs. Another scam involves suggesting marked up energy saving products.

The BBB offers these tips:

  • Unless you've reported a problem to a utility company don't allow anyone into your home for inspection
  • Always ask for picture id and be sure it matches the person
  • Decline to pay anything with a prepaid debit card. Utility companies will accept a check or credit card.
  • If you feel pressured to pay or give up personal information in person or on the phone terminate the conversation.
  • If asked to pay to change out a utility meter remember the meter belongs to the company and you are never asked to pay.