You'd think that, just by its namesake, these things would be trustworthy, but beware of hotel safes!

When we go on our cruise, we always put our important documents in the cabin safe: cash, passports, jewelry, phones, etc., thinking that they would be just that - safe. Well, the Lock-Picking Lawyer, quite possibly, just ruined my day.

I learned today that many of these types of safes come from the factory with an administrator passcode that allows entry to the safe with a universal code (universal to the company, at least). This passcode will allow the host company (hotel, cruise line, etc.) to access the safe should the guest forget the passcode.

Is there a way around this? Maybe if the head of security would reset the universal code with a unique code, known only to the security department, it would help keep valuables more secure.

If you are a hotel worker with access to guest rooms, DON'T YOU DARE!

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