President Biden is sending a portion of the first group of 39,000 Afghanistan refugees to Louisiana. Biden has notified governors and state refugee coordinators nationwide to get ready for the influx.

The White House has called for Louisiana to take 59 refugees, that number is much lower than other states. Louisiana's neighboring states Alabama and Mississippi will each take 10.

The Biden administration assures each refugee family rental assistance, job training and placement and orientation classes to help them acclimate to the states.

Although the Biden administration promises certain privileges to evacuees, families will not be eligible for food stamps, cash assistance and Medicaid.

By the end of this month, the Biden administration hopes to place 65,000 Afghanistan refugees in the U.S., an additional 95,000 in one year.

The White House announced every evacuee coming into the U.S. will go through vigorous health screening that includes testing for COVFID-19. All refugees 12 and older will be required to get vaccinated.

49 of Louisiana's Afghanistan refugees will be resettled in the Baton Rouge area.

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