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A "Big Leap Forward"?

This CNN clip featuring the White House's National Climate Adviser, Gina McCarthy, includes a very peculiar phrase about halfway through.

"We had to have something big," she said. "We had to take a big leap forward."

That phrase is reminiscent, whether she means it to be or not, of the Chinese "Great Leap Forward" of the late 1950s. During this time, Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong forced the entire Chinese economy into overdrive. But the push was so hard and the goals so high that it led to famine and the deaths of millions. Harvests suffered and construction projects with poor tools made it difficult on the laborers. But the Chinese government had a firm hold on the nation's economy and would never let go.

Sounds like a goal of the Biden administration, no?

The Louisiana Bond Commission Fights Over Abortion

A month ago, we saw the fight brewing between John Schroder and Jeff Landry at a Bond Commission meeting. At issue was a New Orleans sewage project that Landry felt didn't deserve help from the commission because city leaders had threatened to not enforce the state law on abortion. Well, now the fight has picked up again.

"How do you believe you have the right to overtly defy the laws of the state?" Landry said during Thursday's Bond Commission meeting.

Paul Rainwater, a lobbyist representing the city and Mayor LaToya Cantrell, said the Bond Commission shouldn't be the venue for politics to derail an important infrastructure project unrelated to abortion.

"Rather than holding up money for projects there are other means for enforcement," Rainwater said. "You're putting a lot of people at risk by holding up the project."

Republican Bret Allain also had doubts as to Landry's point.

Oh No! Josh Guillory Makes Extra Money On The Side!

On this morning's Lafayette Live, Lafayette City-Parish President Josh Guillory sat down and took a lot of questions from Bernie and Brandon on his personal struggles, accusations of impropriety, and other issues. One of the topics, one being advanced by The Current, is on Guillory's side gigs. There is the construction business his wife manages and he occasionally helps out with. There's a class he teaches at UL. There's a lot of finger-pointing. But, missing in all the reporting is any proof of impropriety, but that's why they run these stories. In light of no real evidence that anything bad is going on, they're doing a lot of heavy implying.

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Tweet Of The Day

The Most Common Medical Marijuana Questions In Louisiana

Multiple pieces of legislation dealing with medical marijuana and expansions to the current structure have been or will be introduced in the upcoming legislative session that begins March 14, 2022.
Attitudes are shifting about recreational use as well. In last year's session, lawmakers passed a bill that changes penalties for a small amount of marijuana.
At the beginning of 2022, smokable medical marijuana also became legal. Many people have asked questions about how and where to get medical marijuana. Here is the current information available.

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