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Andrew Capps on Josh Guillory's Troubles

Courtesy KATC
Courtesy KATC

Andrew Capps, who covers local government at The Daily Advertiser, joins the show today to talk about the myriad stories surrounding Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory. Capps has been covering these and other local government stories and has some insight into the goings on of LCG.

You can read his latest here.

Biden's Approval Hit 44 Percent, Then Tanked Again

A new Reuters/IPSOS poll now shows Joe Biden's numbers, which had been trending upward, are starting to fall again. Democrats appear to have gotten caught up in the seasonal polling trend and bought into their own hype. Here are some of the results.

  • The two-day national poll found that 38% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance.
  • For Republicans, the next most pressing problems were immigration and crime, each of which topped concerns for about one in 10 Republicans.
  • Among Democrats, about one in eight saw the environment as the top issue, and about one in 10 pointed to the end of national abortion rights.

Student Loan Forgiveness Could Be A Problem

This ad, dropped by a Republican-leaning group a few days ago, is starting to make waves online. It's being introduced in swing districts and piggybacking on general discontent among working-class citizens over the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness proposal.

Student loan forgiveness was a tactical mistake by a party that assumed the upward trend in the polls meant they had a building advantage. But in reality, it was a move that threatens to exacerbate the frustrations felt by many working class Americans.

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